PHY 101 General Physics I (Mechanics,Thermal Physics & Waves) (Units 3 LH 45)

Space and Time, Units and Dimension, Kinematics; Fundamental Laws of Mechanics, statics and dynamics; work and energy; Conservation laws. Moments and energy of rotation; simple harmonic motion; motion of simple systems; Elasticity; Hooke's law, Young's shear and bulk moduli, Hydrostatics; Pressure; buoyance, Archimedes' Principles; Surface tension; adhesion, cohesion, capillarity, drops and bubbles; Temperature; heat; gas laws; laws of thermodynamics; kinetic theory of gases; Sound. Types and properties of waves as applied to sound and light energies. Superposition of waves. Propagation of sound in gases, solids and liquids and their properties. The unified spectra analysis of waves. Applications.

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